aluminum profile

Aluminum structures are made in a quality suitable for use both outdoors and indoors – they maintain an impeccable appearance for a long time with simple and inexpensive maintenance. They are characterized by low weight, corrosion resistance, easy weldability and with the possibility of a wide range of coloring.

aluminum casting

Primary and secondary aluminum alloys that are almost fully degradable are used for the production of casting by mold. The advantages include strength, long service life and an attractive appearance. The most commonly used look is natural, thanks to which the structure stands out, but it can also be painted according to the customer's wishes.


We produce steel parts from weldable, non-alloy steel with guaranteed chemical purity, tensile strength, yield strength and ductility. We use S235JR-grade steel. The standard surface and corrosion protection of steel parts is galvanization or metallization and firing of a polyester powder coating. Combining these two technologies provides a synergistic effect for far longer service life.

stainless steel

Stainless steel, also known as corrosion-resistant steel, acquires its typical properties by a high degree of alloying – mainly using nickel and chrome, or manganese or other elements. It is characterized by increased resistance to chemical and electrochemical corrosion, an exclusive appearance and long service life. Most often we work with AISI 304-quality stainless steel.

tropical hardwood

Durability, resistance, appearance. This is tropical wood, with which we have over 20 years of experience. Fully equipped wood production facilities and comprehensive technological procedures including surface treatment ensure the highest quality of wood treatment. Among the most used trees in our company are Brazilian cherry (jatoba) or garapa.


Thanks to its appearance and hardness, this is an increasingly popular tree species, which is also available throughout Europe. We have developed our own bonding system. In addition to machining, we can also offer the production of irregular shapes or larger parts.


A product from which we expect a lot. Therefore, we are engaged in the research and development of this material. It is a classic wood, the properties of which are modified by a thermal process. Thanks to its resistance, it approaches tropical wood. In the future, thermowood could replace tropical wood, whose extraction and transport leave a large carbon footprint.


This is an extremely durable material that is resistant to sun, rain, frost and salt water. Resysta is composed of rice husks, mineral oil and common salt. It resembles wood, but unlike wood, it requires almost no maintenance, it is resistant to pests and mold, and never cracks. In cooperation with an external partner, we produce four types of profiles.


Popular pine wood is characterized by its low price. We carefully work with it on our own automatic line, which enables a three-layer finish to enhance the durability of the wood. We also supply using the variant Thermo pine.