egoé kovo a.s. This is the new name of our versatile team that we have been building up since 1998. Through our new name, we express that we belong to the egoé Group. The group consists of a further seven companies with a total turnover exceeding 1.5 billion Czech crowns, employing 340 members of staff. All companies are located on the same premises, at the address Bílovice 519.

The product range of the egoé Group includes structures for transport infrastructure, garden design furniture, camping van assemblies or skis. The company egoé kovo has extensive production facilities at its disposal. We offer experience, modern technologies, qualified staff, logistics services and a sustainable approach. Besides the group companies, we continue to provide our services to external customers.

All group companies are located on the premises in Bílovice. Our production facilities, including workshops for surface treatment, wood and metal processing, and a dispatch facility take up 34,000 square metres. The design, development, planning and production works are carried out through the close cooperation of more than four dozen trades under one roof.  All this on one premises, which belong to the group.    

We have changed our name to egoé kovo and remain part of a strong group