A bus stop shelter for shipping to the United States, made for the company mmcité1. On it, we tested a new procedure for packaging larger assemblies. We applied in this the concept known as reusing - limiting consumption of plastics in the form of a film, tape or elastic material, while resolving everything in a way so that all the wood and fasteners could be used repeatedly.

The result is a wooden crate. Fasteners and the whole structure are selected so that everything could be broken down without much effort and especially without damage. It can therefore be used for further transport or still other uses may be found. In this way, transport packaging may no longer be doomed from the outset to becoming future waste. When arranging individual components, we then thought of how to avoid using plastics as much as possible.
The chosen solution also greatly accelerates the processes of loading, subsequent transshipment and unloading at the installation site. It can all be done mechanically without having to concentrate a greater number of workers. Wooden shipping crates are a further step towards the complete elimination of waste production in packaging and shipping. 


Wood and screws recirculated. We are trying to pack differently